Taking a tour through TV’s greatest hits! 

FREE TO AIR is a fun, fast paced and contemporary show that involves three talented and experienced performers from international shows such as Legally Blonde, The Producers, Beauty and the Beast and The Boy from Oz!  

FREE TO AIR is a nostalgic yet modern show that takes you on a journey through television’s biggest hits. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience. These performers will hypnotize you with their energy, talent and charisma while taking you on a trip down memory lane. 

FREE TO AIR has a unique sound and style with unstoppable vocals to match. Slick and contemporary choreography compliments the unique styles of music that were created specifically for each decade through television’s incredible history. 

FREE TO AIR perform an array of themes from well-known television shows like Friends, Family Guy, The Love Boat, The Golden Girls, The Flintstones, Happy Days and many more. Some hits will be instantly recognizable and some have been reignited and reborn with our big band renditions! Comedy, medleys and dancing ensure that the show is interactive, wildly entertaining and pure fun!! 

Whatever you do, don’t change the channel…